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all services completed by Avanjia

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Select and browse the sections below regarding your situation, the energy involved, the targets involved, and the intentions you wish to send out with this customized ritual work cast on your behalf.
While browsing the sections, follow and listen to your intuition, and choose the spells you feel drawn to.
You can select as many spells as you wish for your order.

To view pricing, select the desired spell and select from the options in the drop-down menu.

Please allow 24-48 hours minimum for message responses and 3-7 days for media turnaround. Feedback will always be sent to you as soon as your ritual is completed.

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However you choose to implement witchcraft or divination practices into your life, whether it be through sharing the craft with you through ritual work or the tools/items you purchase and choose to use in your own ritual work is at your discretion.

Witchcraft and 'magic' are not a cure for marriages, financial, or health issues.

Many things in our life path cannot be solved or worked through with ritual work or tools.

All services and products within The Hour of Witchery and performed by Avanjia are for entertainment purposes by law and/or sold as curios and metaphysical supplies.

The Hour of Witchery does not speak on your behalf and will not provide you with legal advice.

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