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Here you will find common questions about rituals, memberships, and more.

  • Do I have to use all spells from my membership in one order?
    Not at all! You can choose the number of spells within your membership and spread them out throughout the month or do all of them in one order.
  • What happens if I don't use all my spells, readings or add-ons for the current month?
    You are paying for those services/readings/add-ons for that month so be sure to USE THEM! Anything that is included in the membership DOES NOT roll over or stock pile.
  • Can I cancel my membership at any time?
    Yes, of course!
  • I purchased my monthly membership - now what?
    So now that you have selected and purchased your monthly membership, please provide your name so that your services can be tracked. Each month, depending on the membership, you will contact directly with the spell(s) you wish to have cast with the info of those within the ritual (ie. names, dob, photos) so that your ritual can be completed accordingly. For memberships that have Tarot readings, please contact directly when you are ready to have your reading completed. All services will take 3-5 business days to complete. If your membership included Full Moon or New Moon add-on, please select which date within the CURRENT month of your membership and which spells you wish to have done.
  • Can I add additional spells to my membership spells?
    Yes of course! If you have a membership with 3 spells and you want to make an order with 4+ spells, go ahead and note it in the order/checkout notes the spells you are adding to your 3 (or 5) membership spells and make the purchase accordingly.
  • Can I request proof, rush order or add-ons with a membership?
    For memberships that have spell work and readings, if you wish to have them rushed - you can select and purchase the rush order option under the ritual add ons, same with if you want photos or a video made of your order. If your membership does not include a Full Moon or New Moon add-on, you can add this to your order by selecting and purchasing the moon add-ons under the ritual add-ons.
  • How long does it take to do my membership order?
    Same with any other ritual work, the turn around is 2-3 business days and for tarot readings it is 3-5 business days. If you wish to have your order rushed, please select and purchase the rush option under the ritual add ons.
  • A payment came out but I wanted to cancel, can you refund?
    It is your responsibility to keep an eye on your monthly membership payments. No refunds, exchanges or returns.
  • ➤ What is my vow to you as a witch and caster?
    My vow to you and anyone that comes forward and connects with me for energy work is to always be genuine, honest, and transparent. I will always tell you feedback after your ritual, good or bad. If there was heavy or resistive energy, I will let you know but I will not give you ultimatums or scare tactics to lure you into getting more spell work. This is highly unethical to me and quite disrespectful to the craft itself. However, I will always remain honest to you so you can take the right steps in your journey or path but sharing honest feedback also allows me as your caster to understand and connect with the situation and energies involved more so, while trying to help you in this journey and find the best solutions and additional spells to try and help in any way I can.
  • ➤ What kind of magic is used?
    For the general spells within my spell shop, I use a mixture of witchcraft but mainly white, folk, and of course the last 18-19~ years of developed personal craft. I do not share the full details of my craft online as this is a very private aspect of my life. If you are looking for Black Magic, please proceed to the Black Magic link.
  • ➤ Can you order more than 1 spell? Can you make a big order of a combination of spells?
    Yes, of course. You are welcome to order 1 spell or combine spells. I customize and personalize all spells, none are the same (maybe similar at times but never the same). My spells are not cookie cutter or something I've obtained or read online or from a book (although I have quite the collection of books) but I strongly believe that all spells should be suited and customized for those it is intended for as all energies are different and all situations are different and may require different spells, combinations of spells and/or have different outcomes.
  • ➤ What happens to your photo and information after the ritual has been completed?
    ALL information given for a spell will be disregarded/destroyed during or after the ritual. Every piece of information is kept confidential. I take my craft seriously but most importantly I want the ones that come to me to feel safe, comfortable, protected, trusted, and secure.
  • ➤ Will you receive anything in the mail?
    No. You will not receive anything in the mail. All orders are spell services and are strictly done online. You will be contacted once your order has been received and reviewed and you will be contacted again after your ritual has been cast to share any feedback. Your order will be closed but keep in mind NOTHING will be shipped to you. All transactions and interactions are done through email. Please make sure you supply the correct email when purchasing.
  • ➤ When will I get my media?
    Media turnaround times are posted at the top of the Services page under White Magic and Black Magic. Reading turnaround times and other services will be posted in their listing/section. If you have any questions at all about turnaround times, please ask. Typically media turnaround times are anywhere from 3-7 business days. Please keep in mind if your ritual is cast around or on a moon date - as these times are more busy and wait times can be longer. Also please take into consideration Sabbats and holidays, these times tend to also be much higher volume. At the time of uploading everyone's media, sorting it all, and making videos, this can be hundreds and hundreds of photos for me to go through - this is on top of still doing orders, rituals, services, and maintaining the rest of The Hour of Witchery, including websites, social media, emails, messages, marketing, etc. So please always be kind and patient when waiting for media. If over 10 days have passed, please reach out as the media may have errored or failed to send. Please also check your spam folder if you are ordering through the website. Your patience is not only appreciated but it can also be rewarded.
  • ➤ What happens if you select a Rush Order during “off hours”?
    You are ordering from a CANADIAN shop: Time zone is Mountain Time (MT). Please ensure that my timezone works for you before ordering, especially if you are selecting a Rush Time. If you select and order a Rush order during off-hours, I am unavailable as I am resting. Your order will be reviewed first thing in the morning and ALL rush orders are done in priority first thing when I open: 11:00 am (MT). During my off-hours, I will be UNAVAILABLE, your rush order will not be completed and you will NOT be refunded for the Rush Time. Your Rush spell will be cast the next available time if you order between Midnight - 10:00 am (MT). Any questions or confusion, message me directly.
  • ➤ Are you required to tip?
    Of course not but any tips and gratitude are incredibly appreciated. My craft means the absolute world to me, so to share it online with so many that have grown into such an amazing client base, I am blessed. The tip listing is there as many have requested to send gratitude, different options are in the drop-down menu. Tips are never expected but always highly appreciated.
  • ➤ Are there hidden fees or additional feeds to do the spell work?
    No. The only additional fees you need to worry about is if you are going to purchase more/additional spells. I will never cast a spell for you, lure you with scare tactics and state unmentioned fees so I can “help” you. What you pay is what you see in the listing, depending on the options you choose (ie: No Proof, 3 Photos, Video Clips/Photos as well as if you want it to be a regular times order: 2-3 days or a rush order).
  • ➤ Do I post my spell work online?
    I do share clips and photos of spells on social media via Instagram and Tiktok. Faces and names will not be displayed. It is extremely important that all of my customer's and clients' identity is protected.
  • ➤ How old do you have to be to request spell work?
    You must be 18+ to place any orders through my store. When ordering, you are guaranteeing and stating that you are of age. If you are a parent requesting for your child please contact me. I will not do anything negative toward a child or someone under the age, I will bless them with good luck or cast spell work to gain them a beautiful and positive path in life. Parents/Adults, if you are seeking out to stop a bully or other children from causing harm to your child, please message me directly. If you are not of age, please refrain from ordering. If you give your D.O.B and you are not of age, you will be refunded immediately. I DO NOT hold a responsibility to anyone that chooses to lie about their age or any other information that is given to me.
  • ➤ You were told that you are cursed, is this true? Can I help you?"
    Surprisingly this is a very common question that I get. There are a plethora of “casters” and “witches” that have arisen in the last couple of years, claiming they do spell work online. If you have had an experience with one of these “witches” or “casters” and they do work for you, then claim you are cursed or heavy energy is attached to you that needs clearing - demanding more money from you. Stop. Do NOT give them any more money. This is a major scamming tactic for those that have no idea. So if you have had an experience like this, chances are you're not cursed or carrying around a ton of heavy energy and you're just fine. If you are still unsure and uneasy about this type of feedback from another "witch" or "caster", a protection and cleansing spell combination can never hurt. Please message me for more details.
  • ➤ How can the spell be strengthened or boosted?
    I get asked often how to strengthen or boost spell work they have already had done. To do so, you would just simply repurchase the same spell you selected before and I will know what to do on my end. Sometimes situations will require additional work, perhaps over time, you are welcome to continue to purchase the same spell weekly or monthly - whatever you feel you require.
  • ➤ Will other witches/caster's work interfere with the spell?
    Yes and no. It really depends on the other caster/witch's type of craft, their intentions as well as their own energy. If you are seeking out to reverse work from another caster or because another caster has placed something “bad” on you, then this can require work and be challenging. If you are seeking out multiple casters/witches at the same time for the same situation, the energies manifested by each caster/witch can conflict with each other or diminish one another. I highly suggest that when working with energy work, you try to stay with the same caster(s) or whomever you trust while keeping the outcome in mind.
  • ➤ Is there anything you have to do after the spell?
    You are not required to do anything after the spell, however, if you practice any cleansing or protective techniques, you may continue doing so. Please see the following question about other casters/witch's craft interfering. Also always try and remain positive when a spell has been cast. Negativity, anxious thinking, toxic thinking, and heavy or stressful energy can change the outcome of manifestation, which simply I am not responsible for.
  • ➤ Do you have to give a photo?
    Your trust and comfort are most important, if you do not feel comfortable sharing a photo of yourself then I can work with a name and D.O.B only. However, I do suggest including a clear photo of the face of anyone involved in the ritual. This allows me to connect better. The more information I have, the better but again your trust and comfort are priorities.
  • ➤ What do I need from you for the spell? Do I need to know the situation?
    The more information I have about the situation or why you are purchasing the spell(s) you have selected and sharing info of those involved, allows me to customize and personalize your ritual to better connect with the situation, those involved and the energies involved. Please only share what you are comfortable with as your trust and comfort while using me as your caster is important. Please share your name, D.O.B, and a photo of yourself is requested (or photos of anyone else in the ritual).
  • ➤ How often will you have to get spell work done?
    This all varies from person to person and depends on the situation itself. All situations are different. Some situations require more spell work than others. Not all spells are successful and it is extremely important to understand that going into any craftwork. Never expect results from one spell, although it is very possible to achieve, you should always be prepared for every outcome.
  • ➤ How fast will it take to see results?
    Another misconception that is placed on casters/witches, that a timeline can be given. This is simple, again, not possible. All situations and energies are different. Some situations manifest and see results within a few days to weeks and some need months.
  • ➤ Can spell results be guaranteed?
    It is best to know that no authentic or genuine spell caster or witch can guarantee you results. That is simply not how it works and is simply (and unfortunately) not like the movies. Energy work is performed by an experienced and trusted caster/witch and once that spell/ritual has been cast, the energy is now in the hands of the universe and spirit guides to be manifested. A caster/witch is here to simply cast the ritual, I cannot guarantee results as I cannot know how the manifestation will proceed. Additional work may be needed for your situation and is recommended in most cases. Always be wary of those that claim spells work immediately or have a 100% success rate. This is simply impossible to predict and/or state. Why? Because I firmly believe all energies are different, all situations are different with different outcomes as well as any shifts that may occur during or after the ritual.
  • ➤ What should you expect when ordering?
    You should always be open, realistic, and have reasonable expectations when getting ritual work done. When ordering online, you will select the option you want: No Proof Needed, 3 Photos, or Video Clips/Photos. More about these options are in the listing itself. I offer these options to allow those that are new to have the option to see glimpses of the ritual to ensure it has been cast, while other continuous customers have put full trust in me and do not require proof. Some just simply enjoy seeing and connecting with photos or a video clip of their ritual. This is entirely up to you. Always be kind & respectful of anyone's craft and be sure to do your own research also to ensure this is the right path you want to take. Please never expect miracles or the impossible to be created or undone by any caster and/or witch. If your spell does not go "as planned" or how you expect, please be respectful and reach out directly, perhaps there is a further solution through spell work or if any other suggestions can be offered. I am here to help to the best of my abilities to guide and manifest energy for your specific situation in life or within oneself.
  • ➤ Can you request a refund, return or exchange?"
    I do not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges. You are paying for my time as well as my supplies & materials to cast your spell. No exceptions. Please contact me directly if you have any problems with your order or have any queries.
  • How long does a handfasting ceremony last?
    The duration of a handfasting ceremony can vary based on several factors, including the complexity of the ritual, the inclusion of additional elements, and the couple's preferences. On average, a handfasting ceremony typically lasts roughly 20 minutes. Here are some factors that can influence the duration: Customization: The level of customization in the ceremony plays a significant role. Couples may choose to include personalized vows, readings, or cultural elements, which can extend the duration. Number of Participants: The number of people involved, such as officiants, readers, or performers, can affect the overall time of the ceremony. The cord ritual is generally about ~15 minutes. Ritual Components: The specific rituals and traditions incorporated into the handfasting ceremony can impact its length. Some couples may choose to include additional symbolic acts or rituals, like candle lighting, unity ceremonies, or special blessings. Please communicate any requests right away to give accurate pricing. It's important for couples to discuss their preferences with the officiant or ceremony planner to ensure that the ceremony aligns with their vision and desired time frame. The goal is to create a meaningful and memorable experience that reflects the couple's unique love story while respecting their preferences for the duration of the ceremony.
  • Is handfasting a legal binding?
    Handfasting, in and of itself, is not a legally binding marriage ceremony in most jurisdictions. While it is a beautiful and symbolic ritual that holds deep cultural and historical significance, handfasting does not typically fulfill the legal requirements for marriage. Couples who choose to incorporate handfasting into their wedding ceremony often do so for its symbolic and spiritual aspects rather than for legal recognition. To be legally married, couples usually need to comply with the legal requirements of their jurisdiction, which often involve obtaining a marriage license, having an authorized officiant, and completing any necessary paperwork. If you're considering a handfasting ceremony and also want to be legally married, it's important to follow the legal procedures outlined by the local authorities. In many cases, couples may choose to have a separate legal ceremony or a civil ceremony in addition to their handfasting ritual to ensure that their marriage is legally recognized. Always check with your local government or legal authorities to understand the specific requirements in your area.

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