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Welcome to The Hour of Witchery guides section, your one-stop shop for simple and easy downloadable guides for all things witchy, metaphysical, and spiritual. In this section, a variety of downloadable PDF guides, on various topics to help beginners or those simply wanting to know where to start. These guides cover subjects such as astrology, crystals, tarot, herbalism, and energy healing, just to name a few. Each guide provides a simple and easy-to-follow introduction to the topic, focusing on the basics, allowing you to quickly understand its basic principles and start incorporating them into your spiritual practice.


If you're looking for a more in-depth learning experience, be sure to check out the new online courses offered here on the website as well. Each course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter, with expert guidance and support from Avanjia, herself. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, you'll find something to suit your needs and interests somewhere within this site.


No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, The Hour of Witchery is here to support and guide you. So dive in, explore these guides, and discover the transformative power of the metaphysical and spiritual world.

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