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all services completed by Avanjia


Please allow 24-48 hours minimum for message responses and 3-7 days for media turnaround. Feedback will always be sent to you as soon as your ritual is completed.

Any Black Magic through The Hour of Witchery is customized to be as ethical as possible.  While all forms of witchcraft are a manipulation of sorts within the energy realm, most practitioners use Black Magic in unethical ways, causing harm to the targets and then some.  If you are seeking such requests, you will have to seek another practitioner.
The personalized black magic that I have customized with my craft is a more powerful and lengthy process than the White Magic, it focuses on different chant work, candle work, and herbal work but still within a balanced and good intent.
  The work around these rituals is still done with ethical practice and intent but there is still the practice of manipulating energy. Practicing black magic is believed to carry significant consequences. These consequences can include negative karma and spiritual backlash. This is not a guarantee nor can it be something to predict beforehand.


It's important to note that the concepts of black magic and white magic are often oversimplified, and real-world magical practices can be more nuanced. Many practitioners of modern magic focus on the gray area between these two extremes, emphasizing the importance of ethical and responsible magical practices that do not harm others.

Ultimately, the distinction between black and white magic often comes down to the intentions and ethics of the practitioner. While some believe in the power of these distinctions, others view all magic as a neutral force that can be used for various purposes, depending on the individual's intentions and actions.



It is extremely important to be aware that when going to other practitioners (other than The Hour of Witchery) for Black Magic, it is generally associated with malevolent or harmful intentions. Practitioners of black magic aim to manipulate or control others for personal gain or to cause harm, whether physically, emotionally, or spiritually. In my perspective these levels of craft are morally wrong and the value of the practice and craft. This is solely why I will customize and personalize all Black Magic according to my own practices.

Absolutely talk to any practitioner and ask questions before doing any Black Magic to ensure you know fully what their intent is.

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