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Combination Discounts for White Magic Spells

Welcome and blessings, I am thrilled to announce the unveiling of the new combination discounts for white magic spells. This exclusive offer is woven with the intention to amplify your experience and journey with The Hour of Witchery, ensuring that the more you embrace the magic, the more you save.

*Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of this blog post.

Embrace the Power of Three: A Trio of Harmony

Dive into the mystical world of white magic with a trio or quartet of spells and witness the harmonious alignment of energies that can bring about profound changes in your or someone elses life. When you select 3-4 white magic spells, you'll receive a 25% off your entire order. It's the perfect opportunity to blend spells for protection, love, and prosperity, creating a balanced aura of positive energy around you.

Use the code SPELLS25 at checkout to unlock this tier of savings.

The Quintessence of Magic: Fivefold Blessings

For those ready to deepen their magical journey, choosing 5-6 white spells opens the door to even greater savings. With a 30% discount, this option allows you to explore a wider array of spells and tailor a personalized bundle of spiritual workings.

Enter the code SPELLS30 at checkout to embrace this quintessence of savings.

The Grand Enchantment: A Circle of Ten

For the true magic aficionados, selecting 7-10+ spells is akin to weaving a powerful spell circle, each spell amplifying the others' energies. This level of commitment to your magical practice is rewarded with a generous 40% off your order, inviting you to explore the vast expanses of white magic without limits. Whether it's for personal transformation, protection of your home, or blessings for loved ones, this is your chance to create a bespoke magic experience.

Use the code SPELLS40 at checkout to step into this grand circle of enchantment.

But Wait... There's More!

Complimentary Energy Cleanse with Your Magical Journey

In my continuous endeavor to enrich your experience with the mystical, I've woven an additional layer of enchantment into your selection of white magic spells. With the use of any combination discount code, I will also include a complimentary energy cleanse at the beginning of your selected spells in the ritual order. This offering is my added gift to you, ensuring that your journey begins on the most purified and harmonious note.

And Don't Forget Those Loyalty Points!

Remember, each spell purchased not only brings its unique light into your life but also earns you Loyalty Points. These points are another way of saying thank you for allowing me to be a part of your magical journey and share my practice, time and energy with you while creating these customized spiritual workings. Redeem them for future discounts and free services, making each step of your journey with The Hour of Witchery more rewarding.

In the realm of white magic, your well-being and satisfaction are my utmost priorities. Should you have any questions or concerns, or if you need guidance on combining spells for your specific needs, my door is always open.

Blessed Be, Avanjia ** DISCLAIMER: These discount codes are for white magic spells only. If these codes are used incorrectly at checkout for your order, you will be notified and your order will be canceled and refunded. The spells MUST be all in the same order when using the codes, not multiple orders.



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