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Fundamentals of Beginner Witchcraft

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Welcome to the beginner's course in witchcraft! This course is designed for those who want to learn about the fundamentals of witchcraft, including how to prepare for a ritual, create a sacred space, perform various witchcraft rituals, and close a circle. This course is perfect for beginners who are new to witchcraft and want to have a better understanding of it. Throughout this course, you will learn about the principles, beliefs, and values that form the foundation of witchcraft. You will also learn about different types of magic, such as candle magic and moon magic, and how to use them in your practice. You will also have the opportunity to explore different types of witchcraft and learn about their history. At the end of every chapter, there will be ten questions that you are encouraged to answer to reinforce your understanding of the material. There are no tests or quizzes throughout the course to ensure you have a relaxed and stress free learning experience. The course is also at your own pace. You are not required to answer any of the questions throughout the course but it is strongly encouraged. Once you successfully completed the course, you will receive an online certificate of completion. I am thrilled to share this enlightening journey with you. Whether your interest in witchcraft is casual or serious, my endeavor is to help you discover and enrich your path in this magical and mystical world. Blessed Be, Avanjia

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