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Body Positivity & Confidence: 30 Affirmations

This is a downloadable file containing 30 powerful affirmations designed to help you achieve your goals and boost this particular area in your life, path and journey.


Affirmations have been shown to have numerous benefits, including providing a positive outlook and promoting self-confidence, focus, positive thinking, success, manifestations and more. They can help reframe negative thoughts, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase feelings of self-worth and happiness.


With this PDF file, you'll have access to 30 different affirmations.

Browse through all the affirmations available in the store and feel welcome to purchase all you are drawn to or feel you need some positive influence and mental guidance with.


Each affirmation page is beautifully designed and ready to print. You'll be able to easily hang them up at home or in your office, or carry them with you whenever you need a little pick-me-up, mental boost or mental alignment.

Invest in yourself and your mental well-being with this downloadable PDF file packed with 30 life-changing affirmations.

Blessed Be,




* This downloadable file is NOT to be resold or shared.

Important Note:
By law, The Hour of Witchery must state that all information and services shared are for entertainment purposes only whether it is a part of your beliefs or spiritual journey. Services and any information shared does not replace professional counseling or professional guidance/help. If you are seeking medical, legal, financial, or any other professional advice, reach out to a licensed or qualified professional. That being said, I do not have the answers and cannot control the future. Spells are to help manifest, expel, guide, attract, help, and recover energies that can help you in many forms. NO SPELL is practiced to cure or heal someone medically, legally, financially, or any other way. Please keep your expectations of witchcraft and my own personal craft respectful and realistic.

I do not give marriage counseling, dating advice, financial advice, health advice, or medical assessments. I do not offer extended advice, you will have to seek a personal council or professional for that. I simply cast spells for you, I am not licensed to give you medical, marriage, or financial guidance. Do not expect this when ordering. Please keep reasonable and realistic expectations when requesting spell work. No one can make you rich overnight, no one can mend an illness, you must seek out professionals to see what your options are or further guidance in these areas.

Body Positivity & Confidence: 30 Affirmations

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