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Court Luck Spell

Please read below on how to purchase, what is requested when ordering.

Please visit the FAQ section for additional information.


After Spell Drop Down Menu
I want all my clients to feel comfortable and secure that they picked a genuine and authentic spell caster. There are too many scammers out there for me not to offer some kind of proof with my work. However, there are many that do not request or require it, and rather I spend my energy and focus on the spell ritual itself, putting all trust into me. This drop-down menu allows you to pick a couple of options to "show my work" to you if you request it.

» No Proof Needed: No video or photos will be sent after the spell has been cast. I will message you sharing any results but your full trust is in me to do the spell work without any pictures or videos to share. This option allows me to focus 100% on your spell ritual from start to finish, with no phone or camera interruptions.

» 3 Photos of Ritual: You will be sent 3 random photos of your ritual with the photo(s) you provided displayed somewhere so you know for certain it is your spell ritual I am taking photos of.

» Video Clips & Photos: You will be sent a link to download your video. Only you will have access to the file. This video file will be video clips and photos compiled into a video format anywhere from 3 - 5 minutes. Sometimes a little longer, depending on the spell or combination of spells. There is NEVER a guaranteed video time. Also please be aware that your spell ritual is NOT fully recorded. There are parts of the ritual that will still require all of my attention and focus and so I will not record at these times. The video is to simply allow you to connect with the ritual, feel any energies and allow you to see that your spell has indeed been done. This is a great way to view my work, see what I am all about, and grow trust as your spell caster. <3 It is highly important to me that you trust in me, feel comfortable with me, and that you have a positive and genuine experience.


Spell Casting Request Drop Down Menu:
Spells are typically done the next day after the order has been placed. However, due to my growing shop and volume of spells each day, it may be up to 2 - 3 days after your order that your spell ritual has been completed. This drop-down menu can allow you to select options on how quickly you would like your spell to be completed.
RUSH TIMES: Please select 2 hrs, 4 hrs, 8 hrs, or 12 hrs if you require your spell to be rushed. These times indicate the time after the order has been placed that your spell will be completed.

Spell Casting Hours: 11:00 am - Midnight
Mountain Time (MT)

Court Luck Spell

  • Ritual/Spell services do not replace professional counseling. If you are seeking medical, legal, financial, or any other professional advice, reach out to a licensed or qualified professional. That being said, I do not have the answers and cannot control the future. Spells are to help manifest, expel, guide, attract, help, and recover energies that can help you in many forms. NO SPELL is practiced to cure or heal someone medically, legally, financially, or any other way. Please keep your expectations of witchcraft and my own personal craft respectful and realistic.

    I do not give marriage counseling, dating advice, financial advice, health advice, or medical assessments. I strictly cast spells to help manifest the energies needed or banish negative energies for whatever situation you are in or need it for. I do not offer extended advice, you will have to seek a personal council or professional for that. I simply cast spells for you, I am not licensed to give you medical, marriage, or financial guidance. Do not expect this when ordering. Please keep reasonable and realistic expectations when requesting spell work. No one can make you rich overnight, no one can mend an illness, you must seek out professionals to see what your options are or further guidance in these areas.

    SUICIDAL COMMENTS: I will have to decline, refuse, cancel or reject any orders that are made if you are making comments about suicide or wanting to commit suicide. If you need someone to talk to please reach out to:
    Suicide Prevention Service
    Hours: 24/7/365

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