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Blessings everyone!

I am very excited to share with you that The Hour of Witchery has a MYSTERY BOX!

The Mystery Box is filled with handmade items, ritual items, and curios to add that magical feel to your everyday life and practices.

Within this box, you will find a mixture of items which could include Altar Items, Metaphysical Supplies, Sprays, Oils, Apothecary Items, Gemstones & Crystals, Divination Items, Jewelry, Incense, Decor Items, Spells, and Ritual Tools. * The mystery box will not include every above-listed item, this is simply a list of what could be inside.

  • Some specially selected outsourced items will be inside the box but you will also receive items handmade by Avanjia - The Hour of Witchery.

  • All The Hour of Witchery products contains natural, high-quality ingredients carefully and specifically selected with intention and correspondence.

Limited Quantities, so they won't last!

The mystery box will be $75 and will contain 8+ items.

The box value is at least $200 and all items contained within the box will be cleansed, blessed, and ready to resonate with your energy, the energies within your home, or altar.

Blessed Be, Avanjia