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New T.H.o.W. Shop

I am beyond excited and blessed to share that The Hour of Witchery has released a bunch of new handmade and hand-blended products, made with high-grade quality materials and ingredients. Putting hours of energy into research and pulling from my own personal practices and craft to curate specific blends and mixtures to correspond to your own ritual practices, spiritual needs, intention building, and magical purposes. In this section of the website, you will find a bunch of newly released items for your altar, Sabbats, everyday use, or for your own specific purpose.

All products are handmade, hand-blended, and curated by myself. Sharing some of my practice and craft with all of you and within your home.

In The Hour of Witchery Shop, you will find (but will not be limited to);

  • Ritual Sprays (Large & Travel size)

  • Ritual Oils

  • Loose Dried Incense

  • Ritual Altar Salts

  • Dressed Ritual Chime Candles

  • Pure Essential Oil Blends

  • Simmer Pot Kits

  • Spell Vials & Mini Spell Jars

  • Divination Jars

  • Voodoo Dolls & Poppets

  • Raw & Polished Crystal Jewelry

  • Raw Stones & Crystals

  • Powerful Bundles

  • Ritual Items & Supplies

Again, I am so blessed and excited to share this all with you. If any of you have any recommendations or ideas you'd like to see in the store, always feel welcome to share your suggestions, requests, and insight. Not only is my craft and practice a massive part of my life but I take much pride in my website and what I share or produce within my website whether it be through services or physical items, I want you all to have the best experience when connecting with me, my craft, my website, and store.

Thank you for your support, as always. Blessings, Avanjia


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