Meet Vesper the Voodoo Doll

This handmade voodoo doll is available in the store.

The doll can represent you, someone else, or a spirit/deity. The doll is created from sticks that are formed into a cross, bound by twine, layered with various fabrics, and stuffed with multiple mosses. A unique and beautiful piece to add to your collection, surroundings, and/or altar. Use this doll for powerful magical means or decoration. Voodoo Dolls Body Length: 7.5 inches Full Length (fabrics included): 15 inches They can serve as a focal point, a strong visual tool, and/or a portal to the spirit world. FREE SHIPPING with Tracking will be provided with any voodoo doll orders. You can also view the direct listing of Vesper here:

Handmade and crafted by Avanjia, The Hour of Witchery.


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