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Blessings Everyone! I have added some new information to the website that you may all find useful when ordering or when planning to order. I have had many reach out to me asking when the next celestial events are so I thought I would put it all in one place so anyone can check it at any time. 🌙 In the upper left corner of the website, on desktop or mobile, you will see some added dates. Originally it only displayed the next Full Moon and New Moon but now it also displays the dates for the next Full Moon, New Moon, Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, and Mercury Retrograde. This may be handy when purchasing ritual work or simply knowing what's to come when it comes to things like retrogrades, which can create and cause many shifts and chaotic energies. Solar and Lunar events are also just as important in the realm of witchcraft as New Moons and Full Moons, so I thought perhaps you would all find those dates useful as well.

As always, please feel welcome to reach out if you need any assistance but I always encourage you to browse the ritual sections to see what jumps out at you and what you are drawn to first. Remember, always listen and follow your intuition.

Blessed Be, Avanjia


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