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Egg Shells Cascarilla

Crushed egg shells can be used as a general protection powder, used in ritual work, and sprinkled on people, objects, and across doorways and windowsills to prevent spirits and people with malicious and ill intent from entering the space or affecting those that need protection. An often overlooked and underused spell ingredient in Wiccan practices, eggshell powder; Cascarilla, has many powerful and protective energies when utilized in spiritual practices.


  • Use in Casting Protective Circles

  • Sprinkle Around the Home for Protection

  • Place on the Windowsills

  • Sprinkle in front of the Fireplace

  • Turn into Ink to Create Protective Sigils

  • Use in Sacred Spaces or Sacred Objects

  • Burn in Incense

  • Add to Ritual Baths

  • Add to Protection Rituals

  • Grind into a Powder for your Purposes

  • Use inside Spell Jars and Vials


Crushed egg shells can be used as a powder. Simply press into fine dust and mix with water and resin to make paint for external workings. You can also create eggshell dust to use for cleansing powers signifying the practice of egg magic. Protecting against negative entities, energies, and malevolent practitioners or forces, while also providing cleansing properties.


As a powder, sprinkle it anywhere you wish to ward off negative energy: your home, altar, living space, office, or person's body. Crushed eggshell powder is a great ingredient to add to your warding rituals. It’s also effective in floor washes, to dress candles, in sacred washing soaps, and as dust on the outside of the body for protection and cleansing practices. 


When crushed into a finer powder, it can be used to draw sacred symbols and/or sigils. You can also create an ink or paste to mark boundaries for sacred space sites or decorate sacred items. When mixed with water and a little resin of choice, the powder becomes paint. The paint can be used on the body for ritual workings as well.


Crushed egg shells; Cascarilla, seem to come primarily from its banishing qualities. Negative energy cannot exist in the presence of enough cascarilla as spirit beings find it repulsive. This is greatly used in spirit work or paranormal ritual work. It acts as a barrier to the entrance of spirits and harmful or destructive energies.


Handcrafted in Canada. Not Tested on Animals.


This product is intended to be used for RITUAL WORK ONLY. 

Products sold on this site are NOT to be internally digested.

DO NOT CONSUME! This product is not safe for consumption.


Keep products away from children and pets.


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