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"I ‘found’ Avanjia after her Hours of witchery almost two years ago and never looked back. She’s been my go-to person ever since, having unparalleled empathy and understanding of what my requests and expectations are was really refreshing. Avanija will always be honest and open with her feedback and that’s something I really appreciate, it helps me in understanding where I stand and how my situation can unfold. So far there’s been a lot of changes in my life and I definitely feel that she’s been the helping force behind them. Thank you Avanjia for always being on my side, I appreciate it !"

"I am a baby witchling and knew getting my person back would not be a job I could do on my own.
I did some research and found Avanjia, her energy was inviting, and I had no bad feelings about her. Speaking with her about my situation was easy, she understood exactly what I needed and was there to ensure my anxieties and self-doubts did not interfere with the ritual.
The ritual was performed Friday the 5th and by Sunday the 7th my boyfriend reconnected with me. He confessed how much he loved me and missed me. By Monday he was at my house, and that same night he moved in and life has been bliss ever since. I’ll definitely be using her services again!!"

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